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Hotel linen, furnishing fabrics, curtains & shading systems for F&B and hospitality businesses

Delli Textile is an expert in the field of curtains, fabrics, roller blinds and linen. Our company’s aim is to reliably provide top-notch quality products, driven by aesthetic and respect towards our clients and the environment.

The Lobby

A hotel lobby is the very first place your guests experience. By choosing to decorate your lobby using the colors and textures of fabrics and curtains that meet your hotel philosophy, you will leave a lasting first impression in the minds of your clients resulting in a desire for further exploration of the other rooms. At the same time, you will create the image of your hotel’s fine aesthetics in your guests’ mind.

The Room

The sleeping environment of a hotel is probably its most important element since it is the place where guests go to relax and unwind. Modern fabrics of curtains sewn along plain lines will give the feeling of luxury in the room. Earthy colors and curvy lines will create the perception of movement and spaciousness in the rooms

The Restaurant

Roller curtains, wooden blinds and curtains of the quality and fabric of your choice, tablecloths embroidered with your logo will create a tasteful, fine and welcoming space which will offer the customers of the restaurant the ultimate pleasure.

The Pool Area

While at the pool, the goal is to relax and take it all in. Large pillows of different shapes and sizes can de the perfect companion. Durable fabrics, resistant to chlorine, sun cream and sun light, as well fireproof composition, will make them the perfect option for the outdoor seating areas

Conference Rooms & Centers

Should you wish to guarantee the success of the events housed in your Convention or Conference Centers, then the aesthetics of your surroundings ought to be both intact and functional. A key factor to achieving it is the appropriate shading.

Wooden or metallic blinds, black out or perforated roller curtains, manual or automatic systems will provide your rooms with lighting that is suitable for your presentations and events.

Recreational Boats & Yachts

Delli Textile offers well-rounded solutions to boat equipment. Marine-use oriented, fire-proof textiles for both indoor and outdoor use. A variety of curtains and roller shading systems that will cover the operational needs of your boat.





Delli Textile takes on the final sampling  needed for your space, while aiming to achieve the best possible selection of curtains and fabrics that meet your taste and requirement.

Specialized personnel takes on the measurement of the surfaces, the sewing and the installation of the curtains, for our company’s main priority, is the intact completion of the project.


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