PELIVA Nature & Suites x Delli Textile


PELIVA Nature & Suites x Delli Textile

Mother nature meets modern architecture and the technical knowledge of fabric.
Another collaboration of exquisite harmony and aesthetic. A project based on respecting both guests and the natural surroundings.
Starring region, the majestic Pelion, welcomes the creative perspective of G2Lab Architecture and through that, we get a natural, yet modern oasis of hospitality & relaxation. The textile design of the project, was curated by Delli Textile, with curtains in earthy color pallets, which came in total harmony with the attitude of each room. In addition to the curtains, custom made cushion-sunbeds were created, for the outdoor sitting areas, using high-quality and durability fabrics, especially created for outdoor use.
Project Peliva nature & suites
Architectural & Interior design G2 lab
Photos Dimitris Spyrou
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