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Pouf stools

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Pouf Stools – Big Cushions

In numerous patterns and a wide range of fabrics and colours. Pouf stools are made with special fabrics for exterior premises and specially processed so as not to fade in the sun or when sprinkled with pool chlorinated water. Interior filling is made of expanded polysteryrene  (EPS)  contained in a separate fabric encasing.

Logo printed

Delli Textile offers you the option of printing or embroidering your brand in various sizes.


Delli Textile offers  you the option of choosing any dimensions your wish for. To choose your own dimensions at your request. Contact us.

Fabrics are oferred in three outdoor collection ranges:

• Bali

• Boca

• Canaria

*There may be color changes from one screen to another; for your better service, please, contact us.

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